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“We Take The Stairs”

“We Take the Stairs”

A Motivational Introduction to Our New Blog Series


R.J. Riquier Inc. President and Co-Owner Allen Riquier has worked in the Plumbing, Heating, and HVAC industry for 40 years, working hard to develop and maintain a reputation of integrity and detailed skill. As devoted UConn fans, we see only one comparable man to help introduce the honesty and hard work that goes into our new “AL-ternatives by Al” blog series… Kevin Ollie.

Much like Olliewood, R.J. Riquier Inc. also shares the motto of “We take the stairs… when it comes to delivering the most honest and reliable methods to you and your family.”



~ The Stairs ~

Step 1: We do our research. We will never offer advice or insight that does not come from both experience working in the field as well as intense research on the products and their reliability.

Step 2: We work locally. As a locally-owned business ourselves, we try our best to work with other small businesses that will provide you with honest work, themselves.

Step 3: We study, too. All our technicians, as well as Al, take a variety of classes and certifications each year to stay updated on the latest techniques and products.

Step 4: We listen. As part of our honor to you, our team, we listen to what you want to read about. We encourage emails, phone calls, and Facebook posts about different AL-ternatives you’re interested in learning more about.

Step 5: We treat your home like it’s our own. R.J. Riquier Inc.’s motto for seven years. Our honest, knowledgeable staff will always recommend what we would do if we were in your situation. This level of devotion and integrity will give you the reassurance that our AL-ternatives have your best interest in mind.


Together, these steps create the stairs that R.J. Riquier Inc. takes in providing you with the best AL-ternative Blog Series… filled with “Oll” the good stuff.

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Less April Showers Means Costly May Power


Springtime – it’s the most wonderful time of the year full of blooming flowers, children playing, and spring cleaning. It also means more watering flowers, more showers, and more general water usage. The team at R.J. Riquier has seen far too many well pump nightmares from our recent dry spell that could become less invasive with some helpful tips from our plumbers.
Our drooping flowers and dripping sinuses are enough proof for Connecticut residents to realize our thirsty lands are in need of a good rainfall. What a lot of people don’t recognize is well pumps are suffering from this weather, too. Well pumps operate in a similar manner to gardens by absorbing water from the ground to sustain itself. With less rainfall comes less moisture in the ground to be absorbed, therefore preventing our wells’ ability to refuel its water collection.
In order for a well pump to operate efficiently, the pump must be submerged by its water collection at all times. If the pump works for too long while not fully submerged, it can burn itself out and cost plenty more than what a couple tag sales would help cover. While we can’t recommend bad hygiene and sad looking flowers without getting on your wife’s bad side, our plumbers at R.J. Riquier Inc. highly recommend keeping an eye on careful water usage to ensure a healthy well pump (and healthy wallet) this Spring season.

Our Well Pump Saving Tips are as easy as 1, 2, 3…
1. Try to eliminate hefty water usage in the same day; don’t water your gardens, take four showers, do the dishes, and a load of laundry all in the same day. Give your well pump time to refuel its collection.
2. Hold off on Spring Cleaning until we have a nice rainfall (or never… We won’t tell your wife).
3. Contact your helpful plumbers at R.J. Riquier Inc. to make sure your well pump can spring into action.

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Air Conditioning Myths Solved

IT’S SPRINGTIME – at least, it’s supposed to be! With this sudden heat wave we know you have two things on your mind… When can I go to the beach? And how can I make my AC work better? The professionals at R.J. Riquier Inc. have constructed 5 myth-busters to ensure you’re getting the best for your buck this air conditioning season with efficient, money-saving tips and insight.

MYTH: “If we close vents in the unused rooms, our other rooms will get cooler.”
FACT: Closing vents in unused rooms actually makes your air conditioning unit work harder and use more energy. Keeping all AC vents open will reduce your energy intake and may even improve your energy bills!

MYTH: “Let’s turn off the AC while we’re not home. It would only waste money to run it while we’re out to dinner.”
FACT: Rather than turning off the air conditioning unit completely, homeowners should increase the temperature setting 3-6 degrees Fahrenheit. Shutting off the AC will cause the unit to re-cool the entire home when you return, which uses more energy than running the unit at a slightly higher temperature for a longer amount of time.

MYTH: “We should leave the ceiling fan on while we’re gone to keep the room cool.”
FACT: Ceiling fans do not cool the temperature of a room, but rather keep people and their pets cool when they are in direct contact with the fan. Homeowners should turn off the ceiling fan while they are not home to save energy, and should make sure the fan rotates counter-clockwise to optimize the cool “feels like” temperature while they are home.

MYTH: “It’s so hot in this house, let’s put the AC on really low to make it get cooler in here faster!”
FACT: The temperature setting on an air conditioning unit is not equivalent to the speed of cool air processing. Setting the temperature to 40 degrees Fahrenheit will make the unit run longer, still reaching the ideal temperature at the same time it would take by properly setting the temperature.

MYTH: “I saw this ad on Facebook and it says this is the most efficient AC unit around! We should get it to save money.”
FACT: Efficient air conditioning units certainly have the ability to lower energy bills, but ordering the best of the best is only the first step. To optimize your new air conditioning unit, make sure to contact R.J. Riquier Inc. to find the most efficient brand, size, and location to install in your home. You wouldn’t buy a Ferrari without consulting an expert to make sure you have everything you need to make it last a long time… your AC unit is no different!

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Extraordinary Connecticut Heating Specialists

R.J. Riquier – Your North Eastern Connecticut Heating Specialists

From gas leak detection to installing a new heating unit R.J. Riquier has you covered. No matter how big or small the job is our professional staff will give your job a personal touch.


Connecticut winters can be brutal especially if your home is not heated properly. At RJ Riquier we specialize in heating solutions that are efficient and affordable.

Is your furnace more than ten years old?

ccg Do you feel that your current  heating solution is not keeping your house warm enough?

Are you looking for a more efficient way to heat your home in the Windham, CT area?

A new gas or oil furnace can make your home heating up to 30% more efficient.

That is ALOT of warmth!

At R.J. Riquier We Can:

Repair, install and sell heating systems
Provide detection & pressure testing for natural & LP gas units
Repair, install and sell water heating systems
And much more!


Choosing between gas and oil heating is going to depend on many different factors including your personal preference along with your budget. Both your short term and long term budget goals will need to be examined. Typically, gas furnaces will have up to a 10% higher heating efficiency rating than an oil furnace. However, an oil furnance is going to cost up to 25% less than a gas furnace.  This along with many other factors will determine which solution is best for your needs.


Friendly, Professional & Courteous Staff
Free Estimates
Emergency 24/7 Service
Local, Licensed & Insured Technicians

At RJ Riquier, we will work with your budget, listen to your heating requirements and go over the best solutions with you one on one.
Call RJ Riquier at 860.423.0677 today to speak to our professional staff about a more efficient heating solutions.
From office buildings to homes, our friendly staff can provide you with a heating solution that will keep you warm in Connecticut’s harsh winters at affordable price.

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Dependable Connecticut Plumbers

R.J. Riquier – Your North Eastern Connecticut Plumbing  Specialists

From clogged drains to installing a new toilet R.J. Riquier has you covered. No matter how big or small the job is our professional staff will give your job a personal touch.


We have been fixing plumbing problems for over 50 years!

Do you have annoying leaky sink?
Thinking about replacing your old toilet?
Want to upgrade your bathroom ?

At R.J. Riquier We Can:

Install, repair and treat drains & pipes
Repair, sell & install faucets, toilets, tubs, showers & pumps
Provide water testing and treatments for water units
And much more!


Friendly, Professional & Courteous Staff
Free Estimates
Emergency 24/7 Service
Local, Licensed & Insured Technicians

At RJ Riquier, we will work with your budget, listen to your heating requirements and go over the best solutions with you one on one.
Call RJ Riquier at 860.423.0677 today to speak to our professional staff about a more efficient heating solutions.
From office buildings to homes, our friendly staff can provide you with a heating solution that will keep you warm in Connecticut’s harsh winters at affordable price.




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The Quality Trend of Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets

The country has changed with regard to kitchen and bathroom faucets. Federal law now requires that all plumbing products be lead free. I suppose that this is a good thing in some ways, but I’m still a bit old school about this.

I like a good, old fashioned chunk of brass for a faucet. Something that is solid, strong, and lasts for 40 years or until the customer gets sick of the look and wants a change.

Like classic cars and everything else in modern life, things change and we all need to adjust and embrace modern thinking and technology. The classic brass faucet has largely been regulated out of existence like the incandescent light bulb.

With today’s regulations, faucet manufacturers have switched to the use of stainless steel, lead free brass, or plastic. Stainless steel and lead free brass are expensive, so to remain competitive, most major manufacturers have been pumping out plastic faucets. They are not necessarily less expensive than their previous products, but a lot are absolute junk.

Brand name is no longer a reliable indicator of quality in the plumbing fixture market. Sad but certainly true. The big box stores do an excellent job of displaying plastic faucets by putting them up high, hiding the working parts and allowing the customer to merely look at them from a distance. Shiny chrome looks good and a cheap price looks even better.

My suggestion is that you consult an honest, reliable, local plumber who has put in perhaps thousands of faucets. Ask what they recommend or have in their home. Ask what will last the longest, if that is your desire. For a rental, ask what is the strongest with least maintenance over time. If you desire an inexpensive option, we all have those available too. By law, a licensed CT plumbing contractor must guarantee the product they sell you for one full year minimum. If the customer buys the faucet themselves, sure we’ll install it, but the product guarantee is all on the purchaser.

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Mini-Split AC Systems…Wonderful If Installed Properly

Mini-split AC systems are really taking off in New England. Why? There are many reasons. The biggest reason may be that New England homes tend to be older, with baseboard or steam heating systems. Warm air is a newer style of heating, but the duct work is generally uninsulated and improperly sized to efficiently add central air conditioning. Mini-splits can add quiet, energy efficient cooling (and supplemental heating) to homes, offices and other structures without the expense and mess of new duct work. But……

 Who you buy from and what you receive is far more important than just getting a mini-split system installed. A lot of “contractors” are jumping onto the mini-split craze and the trend is expected to continue but there have been major issues.  Many manufacturers are selling various systems to try to get a piece of this hot market. Some are excellent, some are okay, many are absolute junk! Stick with a time proven product from a reliable company.

 A trend we are seeing a lot of is the quick, cheap install. Installed improperly, many of these units will still run fine, for about 18 months. At this point, many simply die. This is often due to a lack of proper pressure testing and not putting the system into a proper vacuum. The pressure test is at over 400 psi for a minimum of one hour. These units require putting the system into a vacuum three times, each time breaking the vacuum with nitrogen. Additional refrigerant is often needed and this must be precisely weighed before adding to the sealed portion of the system. All of this work takes time, knowledge, and proper, calibrated equipment.

 Again, I want to stress that a mini-split will run for some time with an improper install. With the cost of this high tech equipment and the precision needed to keep them running in order to get long term payback on your investment, a top quality install is vital. Don’t buy a Porsche from the guy who changes the oil on your old pick-up truck and don’t expect to win the Daytona 500 in a Kia.

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When To Get Your AC System Serviced?

Spring is here and although it may seem a bit away, summer is coming! We are often asked, “When should I get my AC system serviced”. The simple answer is in the spring. The best time for AC service is well before the season begins.
Proper AC service involves changing the indoor filters that have become dirty with dust, dander, hair and bacteria from the previous season. That’s the easy part. Typically, the service also includes cleaning the condenser coil to remove dirt, plant growth, leaves, mulch and other debris which can be pulled into the unit during normal operation. Much is also a result of winter weather.
The condenser coil should also be chemically cleaned to remove oxidation which will decrease air flow and temperature transfer of the refrigerant to the outside air. This is extremely important as without proper heat transfer, the AC system cannot function properly. The result will be improper cooling and excessive electricity usage. On the extreme end, equipment can fail due to excessive wear and overheating. These costly repairs are avoidable with annual maintenance.
AC service is best performed when temperatures are above freezing but prior to summer. April and May are the best months for us here in Connecticut. Sure, we do AC service throughout the summer, but these tend to be “emergency” calls because the AC is not working. ALL AC techs are busy in the cooling season and service may be delayed due to an excessive work load on a limited number of qualified technicians.
April and May are between our seasonal “crunch” times, between true heating and cooling seasons. It’s not too hot for us or you and we offer great deals. Rest assured, we will work early and late to keep you up and running comfortably and smoothly no matter what time of year, but if you plan ahead, April and May are ideal!

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Prevent Flooding From A Frozen Outside Faucet

Spring is quickly approaching and with it comes gardening, cleaning and car washing. It is also the time of year when the convenient outside faucet is put back into service after a long cold winter. Most modern structures utilize a “frost free” faucet design. Frost free technology places the packing and seat 8-14 inches inside the home or office. These are the parts that actually turn off the water. This feature keeps the water supply inside the structure where the temperature is above freezing and on the warm side of the insulation. The remainder of the faucet is tipped downward toward the exterior so that the faucet can drain outside. This prevents freezing.

Some things can cause these systems to fail. The most common cause of failure is someone leaving the hose on during freezing outside temperatures. If water becomes trapped in the faucet it can freeze and split. Even with good insulation the outside spigot can burst. Insulation does just that. It insulates. Yes, it helps keep the cold out of your house but it can also keep the heat from a water filled pipe.

It is always a good idea to have someone in the basement when you first use your outside faucet. Unlike most other types of plumbing, the split won’t become evident until you turn it on from the outside, but the leak will be in the basement. Play it safe and have a partner live on a cell phone in the basement before you let the water fly. The flood you save depends on it. If you find you have a leak, simply shut off the faucet. No need to shut the entire house off due to this.             

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How To Protect Your Basement From A Spring “Thaw”

With all of the snowfall dumped on New England this winter season, we will soon experience a spring “Thaw”.  With this comes flooded basements – regardless of whether they are finished or not – water can be relentless and unforgiving.  And to make matters worse, most homeowner insurance policies don’t cover flood damage unless you specifically purchased the separate coverage.

A Sump Pump is a great investment for your home to prevent potential long term damage such as:

•    Helps to keep your foundation intact
•    Prevents fungus, mold and mildew
•    A dry basement will prevent termite and insect infestation

There are a wide variety of sump pumps out there.  They vary in size, power, electrical needs, flexible power sources, and the list goes on.  This can be overwhelming for a homeowner.  There are even contraptions that are called “puddle suckers”!  R.J. Riquier Inc. installs and services a very wide variety of sump pumps.  Maybe you’ve had subtle water issues in your basement in the past and want to know some options to prevent the water from ever coming back….maybe you already have an electricity-powered sump pump and want to have a backup one (battery-operated!) just in case….or maybe you’d like to learn more about the sump pumps that run off city water pressure (I know….holy cow!)?

Regardless of what you’re considering, give us a call for a free consultation to discuss the options available to you for your budget and needs.  R.J. Riquier Inc. can make sure you’re prepared for the “thaw” or can get you fixed quickly should you end up with water issues in your basement this spring.

Fight back against the flood and protect your property from flood damage!

Call us today at 860-423-0677 for your consultation!