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How To Protect Your Basement From A Spring “Thaw”

With all of the snowfall dumped on New England this winter season, we will soon experience a spring “Thaw”.  With this comes flooded basements – regardless of whether they are finished or not – water can be relentless and unforgiving.  And to make matters worse, most homeowner insurance policies don’t cover flood damage unless you specifically purchased the separate coverage.

A Sump Pump is a great investment for your home to prevent potential long term damage such as:

•    Helps to keep your foundation intact
•    Prevents fungus, mold and mildew
•    A dry basement will prevent termite and insect infestation

There are a wide variety of sump pumps out there.  They vary in size, power, electrical needs, flexible power sources, and the list goes on.  This can be overwhelming for a homeowner.  There are even contraptions that are called “puddle suckers”!  R.J. Riquier Inc. installs and services a very wide variety of sump pumps.  Maybe you’ve had subtle water issues in your basement in the past and want to know some options to prevent the water from ever coming back….maybe you already have an electricity-powered sump pump and want to have a backup one (battery-operated!) just in case….or maybe you’d like to learn more about the sump pumps that run off city water pressure (I know….holy cow!)?

Regardless of what you’re considering, give us a call for a free consultation to discuss the options available to you for your budget and needs.  R.J. Riquier Inc. can make sure you’re prepared for the “thaw” or can get you fixed quickly should you end up with water issues in your basement this spring.

Fight back against the flood and protect your property from flood damage!

Call us today at 860-423-0677 for your consultation!

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