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Air Conditioning Myths Solved

IT’S SPRINGTIME – at least, it’s supposed to be! With this sudden heat wave we know you have two things on your mind… When can I go to the beach? And how can I make my AC work better? The professionals at R.J. Riquier Inc. have constructed 5 myth-busters to ensure you’re getting the best for your buck this air conditioning season with efficient, money-saving tips and insight.

MYTH: “If we close vents in the unused rooms, our other rooms will get cooler.”
FACT: Closing vents in unused rooms actually makes your air conditioning unit work harder and use more energy. Keeping all AC vents open will reduce your energy intake and may even improve your energy bills!

MYTH: “Let’s turn off the AC while we’re not home. It would only waste money to run it while we’re out to dinner.”
FACT: Rather than turning off the air conditioning unit completely, homeowners should increase the temperature setting 3-6 degrees Fahrenheit. Shutting off the AC will cause the unit to re-cool the entire home when you return, which uses more energy than running the unit at a slightly higher temperature for a longer amount of time.

MYTH: “We should leave the ceiling fan on while we’re gone to keep the room cool.”
FACT: Ceiling fans do not cool the temperature of a room, but rather keep people and their pets cool when they are in direct contact with the fan. Homeowners should turn off the ceiling fan while they are not home to save energy, and should make sure the fan rotates counter-clockwise to optimize the cool “feels like” temperature while they are home.

MYTH: “It’s so hot in this house, let’s put the AC on really low to make it get cooler in here faster!”
FACT: The temperature setting on an air conditioning unit is not equivalent to the speed of cool air processing. Setting the temperature to 40 degrees Fahrenheit will make the unit run longer, still reaching the ideal temperature at the same time it would take by properly setting the temperature.

MYTH: “I saw this ad on Facebook and it says this is the most efficient AC unit around! We should get it to save money.”
FACT: Efficient air conditioning units certainly have the ability to lower energy bills, but ordering the best of the best is only the first step. To optimize your new air conditioning unit, make sure to contact R.J. Riquier Inc. to find the most efficient brand, size, and location to install in your home. You wouldn’t buy a Ferrari without consulting an expert to make sure you have everything you need to make it last a long time… your AC unit is no different!

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