Tax Rebates & Incentives

Under the Recovery Act & other Federal & State Programs to promote green other energy efficiency the government has created a variety of tax rebates and incentives. Please click the links below for more details & forms regarding these various programs.

2014 Residential HVAC and Water Heating Rebates

Measure Requirements Incentive Level
Warm Air Furnace- Natural Gas Energy Star: AGRU Rated 95$ ir greater AFYE, ECM, Motor $600 including gas conversion customers/ $100 extra QIV** Install
Warm Air Furnace Propane Energy Star: AHRI rated 95% or greater AFUE, ECM Motor $200.00
Hot Water Boiler- Natural Gas 90% EFUE Energy Star and AHRI Rated with Temperature Reset/ Purge Control $750 including gas conversion customers****
Outdoor Temperature Reset Control-
Natural Gas
Must be installed on an existing natural gas broiler $200, HES Assessment Required prior to installation*
Boiler Circulator Pump Must be a variable speed EC pump such as Grundfos ALPHA, replacing an existing circulator pump $100 each
Air Source Heat Pump Must meet or exceed Energy Star: 14.5 Seer, 12 EER, 8.2 HSPF for split systems: 14 SEER, 11 EER, 8.0 HSPF for single packaged $250/ $500 extra for QIV** install
Central Air Conditioning Must meet or exceed Energy Star: 14.5 SEER, 12 EER, for split systems: 14 Seer, 11 EER for single packaged systems $250/ $500 extra for QIV** install
Ductless Mini- Split Heat Pump Must be Energy Star: meet or exceed 14.5 SEER, 12 EER, 8.2 HSPF $1,000 per Home- displacing any existing fuel source, $250 for cooling only models (multi- unit infloor systems with one outdoor condenser are not subject to 12 EER requirement)
Geothermal Ground Source Heat Pump GLHP Closed Loop Water to Air 17.1 EER, 3.6 COP
DX Direct Expansion Refrigerant 16.0 EER, 3.6 COP
Water to Water 16.1 EER 3.1 COP
$100/ ton up to $1,500. A Geothermal Eligibility Application must be completed by HES contractor/ customer and submitted to the electric utility and approved by Geothermal Project Cordinator
Packaged Terminal Heat Pump 8,00 BTU or below= 12.5 or greater EER with 3.0 or greater  COP- 8,100-10,000 BTU 12.0 EEER or greater wtih 2.9 COP or greaterwith 2.9 COP or less, 13,100 BTU or greater = 10.0 EERwith 2.8 COP or greater $150 HES Assessment Required prior to installation*
Heat Pump Water Heater Energy Factor (EF) of 2.0 or greater, Energy Star 400***
On- Demand Tankless Water Heater-
Natural Gas
Energy Star: EF of 0.82 or greater $300 per unit regardless of existing DHW fuel type; $500 rebate for 0.94 EF or greater for SCG and CNG only ****
Natural gas storage or condensing water heater Energy Star Certified, Energy Factor of >=0.67 (storage), thermal efficiency of >=0.95 (condensing) $100 (storage), $300 (condensing) ****

* Call 1-877-WISE- USE ( 877-947-3873) to schedule a Home Energy  Assessment (HES) and learn more about these and other energy conservation programs. Visit for more information.

** A listing of qualified QIV Contractors can be found online by visiting Contact 1-877-WISE-USE for information about how to become a QIVcontractor.

***There is no longer a rebate form for this measure. All heat pump water heaters will be discounted at the point of sale at participating retail establishments and HVAC distributor. Participating lcoations include Winnelson and Plimpton & Hills.

**** HVAC Distributors participating in the Midstream Promotion will apply the listed incentive to the point of sale cost of the qualifying equipment. Homeowner will be ineligible for an additional rebate. It is responsibility of the HVAC installer to apps the instant discount savings along to the homeowner. As of 01/27/2014,  the participating distributors are Winnelson and Plimpton & Hills.