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“We Take The Stairs”

“We Take the Stairs”

A Motivational Introduction to Our New Blog Series


R.J. Riquier Inc. President and Co-Owner Allen Riquier has worked in the Plumbing, Heating, and HVAC industry for 40 years, working hard to develop and maintain a reputation of integrity and detailed skill. As devoted UConn fans, we see only one comparable man to help introduce the honesty and hard work that goes into our new “AL-ternatives by Al” blog series… Kevin Ollie.

Much like Olliewood, R.J. Riquier Inc. also shares the motto of “We take the stairs… when it comes to delivering the most honest and reliable methods to you and your family.”



~ The Stairs ~

Step 1: We do our research. We will never offer advice or insight that does not come from both experience working in the field as well as intense research on the products and their reliability.

Step 2: We work locally. As a locally-owned business ourselves, we try our best to work with other small businesses that will provide you with honest work, themselves.

Step 3: We study, too. All our technicians, as well as Al, take a variety of classes and certifications each year to stay updated on the latest techniques and products.

Step 4: We listen. As part of our honor to you, our team, we listen to what you want to read about. We encourage emails, phone calls, and Facebook posts about different AL-ternatives you’re interested in learning more about.

Step 5: We treat your home like it’s our own. R.J. Riquier Inc.’s motto for seven years. Our honest, knowledgeable staff will always recommend what we would do if we were in your situation. This level of devotion and integrity will give you the reassurance that our AL-ternatives have your best interest in mind.


Together, these steps create the stairs that R.J. Riquier Inc. takes in providing you with the best AL-ternative Blog Series… filled with “Oll” the good stuff.

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