R.J. Riquier Connecticut Plumbers

From new construction to 120 year old plumbing systems, R.J. Riquier Inc. has vast experience solving problems of all types. We don’t simply replace items. We give you all the options and can help you make an educated, informed, cost-conscious decision.



Our Plumbing Services

Sell, Repair and Install Quality Faucets
Inside/Outside Faucets
Water Hydrants

Garbage Disposals, Soap/Lotion Dispensers


Sell, Repair and Install Quality Sinks
Kitchen Sinks
Bathroom Sinks
Laundry Sinks
Vegetable Sinks
Pedestal Sinks
Shop Sinks
Commercial Sinks of All Kinds
Beauty Salon Sinks and Foot Baths



Toilets and Bidets That Really Flush
Standard, ADA Compliant, “Comfort Height”
Toilet Seats
Heated Toilet Seats
Washlet Toilets (bidet features on an existing toilet)
Flushometer Commercial Toilets
Residential Urinals (for the shop or “man cave”)
Pump-up Toilets (for areas without conventional plumbing
Dual Flush Water Savers (1 handle for little jobs – 1 for big jobs)

Tubs and Showers
tubSpace Savers
Whirl Pools
Bubble Tubs
Dog-Washing Tubs
Low Consumption Shower Heads
Shower Bases
High Volume Shower Heads
Steam Showers
Zero Threshold Showers (for easy access)
Tub to Shower Conversions (for easy access)
Fiberglass Tubs and Showers
Ceiling Tub Spouts (yep, fill the tub from the ceiling)
Outdoor Showers



Water Testing and Treatment
Iron, Maganese, pH, Chlorides, Sulfur, Toxins
Water Softeners
Revers Osmosis
Sediment Filters
Ultraviolet Lights



Deep and Shallow Well Pumps
Pressure Boosting Pumps
Sump Pumps
Battery and Non Electric Back-up