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Less April Showers Means Costly May Power


Springtime – it’s the most wonderful time of the year full of blooming flowers, children playing, and spring cleaning. It also means more watering flowers, more showers, and more general water usage. The team at R.J. Riquier has seen far too many well pump nightmares from our recent dry spell that could become less invasive with some helpful tips from our plumbers.
Our drooping flowers and dripping sinuses are enough proof for Connecticut residents to realize our thirsty lands are in need of a good rainfall. What a lot of people don’t recognize is well pumps are suffering from this weather, too. Well pumps operate in a similar manner to gardens by absorbing water from the ground to sustain itself. With less rainfall comes less moisture in the ground to be absorbed, therefore preventing our wells’ ability to refuel its water collection.
In order for a well pump to operate efficiently, the pump must be submerged by its water collection at all times. If the pump works for too long while not fully submerged, it can burn itself out and cost plenty more than what a couple tag sales would help cover. While we can’t recommend bad hygiene and sad looking flowers without getting on your wife’s bad side, our plumbers at R.J. Riquier Inc. highly recommend keeping an eye on careful water usage to ensure a healthy well pump (and healthy wallet) this Spring season.

Our Well Pump Saving Tips are as easy as 1, 2, 3…
1. Try to eliminate hefty water usage in the same day; don’t water your gardens, take four showers, do the dishes, and a load of laundry all in the same day. Give your well pump time to refuel its collection.
2. Hold off on Spring Cleaning until we have a nice rainfall (or never… We won’t tell your wife).
3. Contact your helpful plumbers at R.J. Riquier Inc. to make sure your well pump can spring into action.

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