26 March 2014 ~ 0 Comments

When To Get Your AC System Serviced?

Spring is here and although it may seem a bit away, summer is coming! We are often asked, “When should I get my AC system serviced”. The simple answer is in the spring. The best time for AC service is well before the season begins.
Proper AC service involves changing the indoor filters that have become dirty with dust, dander, hair and bacteria from the previous season. That’s the easy part. Typically, the service also includes cleaning the condenser coil to remove dirt, plant growth, leaves, mulch and other debris which can be pulled into the unit during normal operation. Much is also a result of winter weather.
The condenser coil should also be chemically cleaned to remove oxidation which will decrease air flow and temperature transfer of the refrigerant to the outside air. This is extremely important as without proper heat transfer, the AC system cannot function properly. The result will be improper cooling and excessive electricity usage. On the extreme end, equipment can fail due to excessive wear and overheating. These costly repairs are avoidable with annual maintenance.
AC service is best performed when temperatures are above freezing but prior to summer. April and May are the best months for us here in Connecticut. Sure, we do AC service throughout the summer, but these tend to be “emergency” calls because the AC is not working. ALL AC techs are busy in the cooling season and service may be delayed due to an excessive work load on a limited number of qualified technicians.
April and May are between our seasonal “crunch” times, between true heating and cooling seasons. It’s not too hot for us or you and we offer great deals. Rest assured, we will work early and late to keep you up and running comfortably and smoothly no matter what time of year, but if you plan ahead, April and May are ideal!

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